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Here is a sample topic hub:

Personal Information of Third Parties (access exemption)

This AccessPrivacy topic hub sets out the key elements of private sector privacy legislation and privacy regulatory authority guidance on the mandatory exemption from the right of access to personal information where providing access would reveal third-party personal information.

Key Elements

Under Canadian private sector privacy statutes, an organization is prohibited from providing an individual access to personal information if doing so would reveal personal information about a third party (PIPEDA, s.9(1); AB PIPA, s. 24(3)(b); BC PIPA, s. 23(4)(c); Quebec Private Sector Act, s. 40).

In addition, Alberta specifically prohibits access to information if “the information would reveal the identity of an individual who has in confidence provided an opinion about another individual and the individual providing the opinion does not consent to disclosure of his or her identity”


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