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Annual subscribers to the AccessPrivacy Knowledge Portal have full access to a range of valuable online resources to support their busy day-to-day privacy and access challenges, with essential, readily-available, need-to-know information at their fingertips.

Topic Hubs

The AccessPrivacy Knowledge Portal provides a succinct, pan-Canadian overview of the current state of the law on hundreds of Access and Privacy topics across the private, public, and health sectors. This practical and cost-effective resource helps users deliver on their strategic and day-to-day data governance responsibilities.  With comparative statutory tables, relevant regulatory findings, court decisions, guidance documents, and helpful tools and charts, this is a key, must-have resource that helps privacy professionals help themselves.

Legislative Reform Portal 

In this era of significant legislative and regulatory reform to privacy law across Canada, our Legislative Reform Portal provides a snapshot of reform timelines, as well as links to AccessPrivacy's regularly updated suite of resources to help privacy professionals understand and meet their organizations' compliance obligations. 

Privacy Round-Up

Receive access to the current and past editions of the Privacy Round-Up, a curated summary of recent decisions, guidance, and other developments in the Canadian privacy arena. Given how difficult it can be to keep up with the rapidly-evolving field, the Round-Up serves as a readily-accessible, efficient, and practical resource to help readers stay in the know.

Tools & Charts

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, particularly when you’re dealing with complex privacy and access regulatory matters. With your annual subscription to our Knowledge Portal, you also gain access to handy tools and charts that provide a convenient visual snapshot or infographic to help you navigate regulatory concepts and processes and know what you need to do to meet your basic legal expectations in the area of privacy and access law.  

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