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Ongoing, meaningful privacy training and awareness is a critical component of any privacy management program.  In 2012 regulatory guidance on accountability, entitled Getting Accountability Right with a Privacy Management Program, Canadian privacy regulators crystallized their expectations in this regard.

“A sound privacy management program requires all members of an organization to be aware of, and be ready to act on privacy obligations.  Up-to-date training and education requirements for all employees, tailored to specific needs, are key to compliance…For training to be effective, it must be mandatory for all new employees before they access personal information and periodically thereafter.”

Employee/Organizational Privacy Training

As part of Osler's AccessPrivacy service offering, we provide scalable employee and executive privacy training that is tailored to your particular organization.  We conduct the training ourselves or we design training and materials for our clients to administer.

We also advise on the effective implementation and monitoring of employee training initiatives and awareness campaigns – all with a view to both complying with the regulatory requirements and to ensuring the proper and secure handling of personal information in order to protect organizations from privacy breaches.

Our training sessions and programs are practical and cost-effective.

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing how we can assist you with your employee training needs.

CPO Training

We also offer CPO Training.  There are two CPO training options:

  • Introductory Training for New and Developing CPO’s:  This full-day session covers the core elements of developing and implementing an effective privacy program as well as how to maintain and improve and existing privacy program.  It further focuses on how to ensure that the organization can demonstrate accountability and compliance to both regulators and stakeholders.

  • Advanced Currency Training for Seasoned CPO’s:  This full-day session is aimed at allowing busy but experienced CPO’s to maintain their currency and be aware of what is coming down the pipe.  It focuses on new compliance expectations, emerging challenges and best practices and a strategic approach to achieving a best-in-class privacy program that is also demonstrably compliant. 

You may also be interested in our CPO Forum Annual Package, which offers the full range of tools required to meet your annual CPO training and information needs, as well as enabling organizations to demonstrate compliance with the regulatory requirement to train CPO’s.