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CPO Forum Annual Package

The AccessPrivacy CPO Forum Annual Package includes:

The total discounted price for the package is $1350.00, plus applicable taxes, per year.

Osler's AccessPrivacy service offering features a tailored Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) annual training package, designed to ensure that both new and highly-seasoned CPO’s and other privacy professionals are current on emerging privacy trends, requirements and challenges. This CPO Forum annual training package enables organizations to demonstrate to privacy regulatory authorities and stakeholders their compliance with the privacy officer training requirement.

Together with our complimentary Monthly Privacy Call and E-News Updates, this package offers CPO’s, privacy professionals and in-house counsel everything they need to stay current on Canadian privacy matters.


Of note:

Ongoing, meaningful privacy training and awareness is a critical component of any privacy management program.  In the 2012 regulatory guidance on accountability, entitled Getting Accountability Right with a Privacy Management Program, Canadian privacy regulatory authorities crystallized their expectations in this regard.  Notably, the guidance specifically calls for organizations to dedicate resources to Privacy Officer training.

The regulatory guidance describes the high-level responsibilities of the Privacy Officer as, “the one accountable for structuring, designing and managing the program, including all procedures, training, monitoring/auditing, documenting, evaluating, and follow-up.”