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CPO Forum

The CPO Forum is a unique program designed to maximize bench-marking and information sharing among privacy peers. Open to chief privacy officers, compliance professionals and in-house counsel from Canadian and multi-national enterprises, the Forum includes three types of events: CPO Forum Workshops, CPO Forum Exchanges and CPO Training. We offer a CPO Forum Annual Package (at a discount) or registration on a per-event basis.

CPO Forum Workshops

Workshops on topical, sometimes industry-specific, privacy issues. These thought-leadership events often involve privacy regulatory authorities and industry associations and provide in-depth analysis of Canadian privacy regulation, practices and challenges.

CPO Forum Exchanges

Lunch-time networking sessions that provide an opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas and discuss privacy and information management governance issues and solutions in an off-the-record, invitation-only environment.

CPO Training Sessions

Full-day training sessions offered at the introductory level for new or developing CPO’s, focusing on core program elements, or at an advanced level for the most seasoned CPO’s, focused on staying current and demonstrating compliance.