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Privacy No Obstacle In Implementation of Risk-based Fraud Detection Solutions When Deployed With Suitable Controls

March 30, 2010

Fraud is a critical area of concern for businesses in Canada today.  Organizations are developing and acquiring increasingly robust and effective risk-based solutions that often require the analysis of personal information in an effort to detect, prevent and mitigate a wide range of fraudulent activity, such as cheque fraud, credit card fraud, claims fraud, and identity theft.

Our clients increasingly seek our guidance on how to implement these solutions in a way that appropriately balances an organization's fraud detection objectives with the various privacy protections afforded to individuals under privacy legislation.  When deployed within a suitable privacy governance framework, these solutions not only further an organization's fraud detection goals, but can actually help organizations comply with their statutory obligations to safeguard personal information in their custody and control.

For a full analysis on the implementation of risk-based fraud detection solutions under Canadian privacy legislation, download the full AccessPrivacy article.

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